Attracted by drawing since childhood, Martin Ferniot trained his eye with the works of such artists as Marc Desgrandchaps, François Boisrond, Gérard Fromanger, and Emmanuel Régent.

Martin Ferniot uses felt pens, colored pencils and water colors to produce figurative works. In his drawings hatching and/or vertical drippings serve to reveal and superimpose figures that appear to be transparent. Though they are actively part of a bustling world they seem to be vanishing, about to disappear. Martin Ferniot's watchful eye begins by recording the flow of movements that are exchanged between an individual and society.

His drawings enable us to sense the relationship our personal history entertains with that of the group. Observing the influence of society, the community, on an individual? both bodies overlapping: how can the idea of ?mass?, and the manner in which this notion is absorbed by a person, be represented? Martin Ferniot attempts to focus our attention on these people by surrounding them with emptiness. He erases the areas of intense effervescent activity to highlight the human figure by isolating it against a fluid pictorial matter; the paper ground then becomes a sort of screen on which our introspective bodies are projected.

Text by Gaël Charbeau for the  Révélations Emerige 2014

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