1. Florent Lamouroux
    Le sens de la vie : Les petits ouvriers, 2013
    Plastique injecté dans trois moules différents
  2. Florent Lamouroux
    Back to black, 2012
    plastique polycarbonate teinté dans la masse, graviers
    180 x 80 x 100 cm
  3. Florent Lamouroux
    Post'urb #1, 2010
    Scotch et technique mixte
    240 x 100 x 150 cm
  4. Florent Lamouroux
    Le sens de la vie - Le motard, 2013
    Red plastic bags, tape, polyurethane foam
    140x90x70 cm
  5. Florent Lamouroux
    Post'urb 4, 2013
    White and orange garbage bags, tape, polyurethane foam
    160x60x60 cm
  6. Florent Lamouroux
    Viscosa, 2010
    Technique mixte
  7. Florent Lamouroux
    Who's the boss ?, 2007
    installation: sacs-poubelles, rubans adhésifs divers, pvc, bois
    Dimensions varaibles
  8. Florent Lamouroux
    Territoire nomade : Parking 6 places, 2007
    palettes de transport, graviers, bois, bitume
    dimensions variables
  9. Florent Lamouroux
    Plasticulture I, 2005
    dimensions variables


Florent Lamouroux's work questions the representation of the "Other" through his own identity, by developing a practice - active and reactive - that responds to absurd images of the world with even more grotesque parodies.

His approach consists in replaying with irony the stereotypes that our image society contributes to produce and thus tends to question the world on its possible standardization. Irony is for him a means of contradicting the established order by using mockery as a weapon and simulacrum as a means of expression.

Aware of the world around him, the artist then favours the autonomy of creation and the economy of medium in reaction to spectacular and smoothed blockbusters: to create his sculptures, he simply envelops "reality" in an assembly of plastic sheets and adhesive tape, thus creating empty, artificial and standardised body arrangements, in the image of these plastic toys that the artist likes to draw inspiration from.

Florent Lamouroux's work also takes shape through performances, photographs and videos.

Florent Lamouroux was born in 1980 in Decize (FR).
He lives and works in Huismes in Indre et Loire (FR).