1. Anne-Sophie COCHEVELOU
    Lego Dress Performance, 2016
    Performance at Isabelle Gounod Gallery, Jan. 2016

    © Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion
  2. Anne-Sophie COCHEVELOU
    Already Dressed, 2015
    Customized child dummy

    © Anthony Lycett
  3. Anne-Sophie COCHEVELOU
    Madone à la poupée, 2015
    Crinoline, hand-embroidery and toys

    © Anthony Lycett
  4. Anne-Sophie COCHEVELOU
    Prêtresse Tribale, 2015
    Hand-embroidery and mixed media
    Kimono : 250 x 150 cm

    © Anthony Lycett
  5. Anne-Sophie COCHEVELOU
    Le jugement dernier, 2015
    Toys glued on Clock
    50 x 25 x 15 cm

    © Anthony Lycett
  6. Anne-Sophie COCHEVELOU
    Court-cicuité, 2016
    Mixed media
    50 x 30 x 10 cm

    © Anthony Lycett
  7. Anne-Sophie COCHEVELOU
    Portrait chinois, 2015
    hand-embroidery and mixed media

    © Anthony Lycett
  8. Anne-Sophie COCHEVELOU
    Chinese New Year, 2016
    Mixed media

    © Anthony Lycett
  9. Anne-Sophie COCHEVELOU
    Hairdress, 2014
    Cheveux synthétiques cousus sur robe

    © Damien Frost
  10. Anne-Sophie COCHEVELOU
    Hair Dress, 2014
    Performance - hair salon Butcher's shop window, London. Oct. 2014

    © Sylwia Grzegorzko
  11. Anne-Sophie COCHEVELOU
    Flower Dress, 2014
    Mixed media

    © Anthony Lycett
  12. Anne-Sophie COCHEVELOU
    Primark Dress, 2013
    Paper bags

    © Ksenia Gladysheva
  13. Anne-Sophie COCHEVELOU
    Robe Tutu, 2013

    © Emma Zarafi
  14. Anne-Sophie COCHEVELOU
    Fairydreamy Dress, 2014

    © Anthony Lycett
  15. Anne-Sophie COCHEVELOU
    Barbie Remembrance, 2013
    Happening, St-Pancras Gallery, Londres, sept. 2013

    © Simona Zemaitye
  16. Anne-Sophie COCHEVELOU
    White Project Dress


For several years, Anne-Sophie Cochevelou, a young French artist living in London, has developed an artistic work of a singularly performatic nature, which is inspired by many different universes, including performances, happenings, theatre or fashion.

Anne-Sophie Cochevelou develops her own costumed performances, which question the interaction that links the artist to their public. She has performed at the "Barbican Centre", the "Battersea Art Centre", the "Brighton Fringe Festival", and at the "Camden People's Theatre".  In her colourful and diverse creations that explore the concept of "wearable art", Anne-Sophie Cochevelou uses objects unearthed in car boot sales and flea markets, which she recycles to give them a new life.

Anne-Sophie was born in 1990, Toulon (FR).
She lives and works in London (UK).

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